Miranda Mary and her Write Like Me ™Series is an amazing model that will
inspire children for generations to come. Angel and The Little Dog is a beautiful
display of the bond of love between a child and an animal.

-Kimberlee Schultz, Author of The StarPal™ Series

Miranda Mary

Miranda Mary is an eight year old child who began writing books in the first grade. Innocently enough, her teacher mentioned to the class that if they wrote a story, the author of that story would be able to read his or her work to the class from a large rocking chair in front of the room called “The Author’s Chair”. That night Miranda wrote her first story. The very next day she sat in front of her class, in “The Authors Chair” and read it to her classmates. The following day there were many more “Authors” ready to share their creations with their class. Since then she has inspired not only her classmates but many more “Authors” to share their writings with their classes. Seeing how she affected others, Miranda Mary has continued to write at a fast pace. She cuts paper, writes the story, illustrates the pictures and binds her work, “like the books in the stores”. As she continues to write books, she’s also found a passion for writing poems and songs. Miranda Mary is very passionate about inspiring and teaching other children to Write Like Her —hence the title of her series. She is so excited to share her work and hopes to inspire young authors like her.

With her writing and drawing, she has been able to process and overcome a variety of difficult situa­tions from issues on the playground to the heartbreaking loss of a beloved pet. Her love of animals and storytelling has become such a big part of her life. Miranda Mary is so passionate about sharing her books and her Write Like Me Series™ with your child that we decided it would be fun to provide the pages for your child’s own creation!

The Miranda Mary’s Write Like Me Series has been designed to increase childrens’ imagination by encouraging them to write and illustrate their own story within the pages of each book. Pages are designated for every young writer to create their own storyline, drawings and expressions after they read Miranda’s story. In addition to the learning and confidence building aspect of this series, Miranda Mary’s books also serve as beautiful family keepsakes!

One of Miranda Mary’s greatest passions is to rescue animals. She loves all animals. Since watching the movie “Rio” she has fallen in love with the Blue Macaw. A dream of Miranda’s is to save Macaws from captivity and personally bring the rescued birds back to Brazil and release them back into the Rain Forest. Miranda’s hope is that the Write Like Me Series will not only encourage your young writers, but will also help save animals. She hopes you and your child enjoy this creative experience. Be inspired by Miranda Mary as she is sure to bring a new level of confidence to the world of learning!

Where the timeless Dr. Seuss books have taught children how to read through the ages, Miranda Mary will teach children how to write like her for many generations to come!